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Conditions Treated

Improving your health to a new level

Advanced Chiropractic technology with a caring, warm philosophy will improve your health to a whole new level.

We are always on the cutting edge of advancement to help our patients with many health problems that include:


Don’t let the Headaches Distract you.
The throbbing...pounding... sensation of a splitting headache is an all too accepted condition for millions of people each day. Some suffer with headaches, several times a month; others even more often. A headache can be a distraction, which affects your job and your family life. HEADACHES are not a normal condition.

Many people resort to pills to temporarily dull the pain. Unfortunately, relief is often fleeting, and the cycle returns, again and again. It seems that, no matter how many pills we take, if the cause of the problem is not identified and treated, the headaches will continue. 

Although many things can cause a headache including sinus problems and alcohol, the most common condition is caused by muscle tension. The brain, itself, does not register the ache of a headache, but there are nerves, veins, and arteries that are wrapped around the head. If these cranial nerves are compressed, pulled or irritated, a headache can be the result. Help is often possible!


Fatigue is a warning sign.

Unfortunately, fatigue is a problem that saps the joy out of life for numerous people every day. Perhaps, the person working next to you, a family member, or even yourself, have felt the effects of being too tired to work properly. You simply do not have the energy to enjoy life with your friends and family. 

Fatigue can range from a chronic tired feeling to a more pronounced physical and psychological depression which drains your energy and robs your time. Fatigue is a warning sign that something is wrong either physically or emotionally in your life. To ignore this symptom is a mistake. Many people struggle through life believing that it is normal or it will go away on its own. Fatigue, generally, will not go away on its own, and it certainly is not normal! 

There are many supposed causes for fatigue from diet to improper medications. Most people simply want to feel better and put the spark back into their lives. It is possible to get your energy back and start enjoying your life again, but you have to take the first step!


The Sigma Insturment can treat your sleeplessness.
Don’t daydream about a good night’s sleep.

Getting a restful night of sleep is an absolute requirement. It is not an option. Your body must sleep and replenish itself for you to function at an optimal level. For many people, a good night's sleep is something they only daydream about, because, night after night, they do not get the rest their body needs. 

There are many types of sleep disorders: night pains, daytime dozing, insomnia, sleep apnea, and daytime fatigue, to mention only a few. Whatever the problem is, it cannot be ignored. You must sleep for your body to recover, or you will suffer many side effects.

Some people resort to sleeping pills or other non-natural methods to induce sleep. Quite often, these are only a temporary fix to a deeper problem. Getting to bed on a regular schedule, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, and sleeping in a comfortable position, can all be helpful, but they are not enough. By bringing your body into balance, the harmony of nature can often lend itself to provide what you need...a restful night of sleep!


The Sigma Instrument can treat your 
Sinus & Allergy problems.

Suffering with sinus and allergies is a condition that many people live with every day of their lives. Runny nose, watery eyes, and a host of threatening body responses are often the result of sinus and allergy problems. Your immune system is meant to protect you from anything which is not supposed to be in your body. When it cannot function as it was intended, your body is left at the mercy of pollutants, dust, pollen, and drugs. 

The most common treatment for sinus and allergy problems has been to treat the symptoms. Sinus and allergies are generally caused by histamines, so antihistamines are often used to dry membranes. It appears that the problem is solved. In reality, this only suppresses the symptoms. 

The problem with the immune system is often ignored. Stress on the nervous system may prevent it from operating at its best; therefore, it cannot deal with outside conditions affecting the body. When the nervous system functions properly, it can aid the immune system in a natural way. There have been great strides in helping people with sinus and allergy problems.


Nobody wants to be unpredictable.

Mood swings can cause a normal, reasonable person to become irritable and difficult to be around. While this can be a problem for others, it pales in comparison to the instability the person experiences. No one wants to be so unpredictable, but for many it is a way of life. 

There are many suspected causes of mood swings, including: diet, use of some medications, or unbalanced body functions and structures. And, although changes in diet or medication may help some people, others are often left, grasping at solutions that never seem to materialize.

The standard approach for many, has been that of medication. Sometimes, a chemical solution to mood swings can have negative side effects. 

The medications can be as problematic, as the condition itself, even if it works some of the time. There are some doctors who have been successful at leveling the drastic nature of mood swings in a completely natural way. What a thought, no mood swings and a natural solution to a new lease on life!


You don’t have to live in Pain.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you, that something is wrong. It is a warning sign. Each and every day millions of people experience pain at some point in their day. Some even start and end their day in pain.

There are two types of pain: acute and chronic. Acute pain can be mild or severe, and may be caused by a broken bone, bruise, sprain or even a cut. It is a new pain. Chronic pain is different. It can last for six months or more and may be accompanied by exhaustion, insomnia, or weight changes.

Whatever the type of pain, some people resort to painkillers to alleviate the symptoms. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with getting rid of the pain. No one wants to live with discomfort! Taking pills to reduce the intensity of the pain often masks the cause of the problem. Wouldn’t it be better to find the true cause and treat it directly? Of course it would.

Now, we have made a quantum leap!

If you have any one of these symptoms, you need to see our new advanced solution...

The Sigma Instrument!

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