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Chiropractic Care

Reducing Pain with Chiropractic Care

There are so many ways in which a person might experience pain in a day. For some, it's a serious injury that radiates to the rest of the body. For others, it's an acute problem that seemingly comes out of nowhere. Most people just experience general aches, which may range from mild to moderate in severity.


These aches can last for a few minutes or the whole day. In some cases, a person may not even really be aware that there's a problem until they sit down and the discomfort they were in is relieved. If you're looking for a chiropractor in or around Columbia, Escobedo Chiropractic & Associates wants you to know that we're here for you. 

What Is Chiropractic Care?

A chiropractor is focused on the overall structure of the body and how each part relates to the others. The doctor may spend more time on the spine, but it's not the only area that they pay attention to. Despite all the medications and procedures available today, it's the body that does the heavy lifting when it comes to healing.

If the body is compromised in any way, such as through an injury or illness, it may start to lose its strength. A chiropractor can pinpoint these areas of weakness and make adjustments to bring back the body's equilibrium and overall alignment. The body has an intrinsic ability to care for itself, chiropractors simply search for and test solutions to maximize its innate skills. 

Feedback and Progress 

Chiropractors have gained a reputation across the US for being able to eliminate lower back pain, but again, there's more to it than that. From manual therapy to exercise education and posture training, the right chiropractors can be of service nearly anytime you have pain.

Ideally, they'll work with your primary care doctor to really treat your whole body rather than just the most glaring problem, but they can prove just as effective without any insights from another doctor.  

Call Escobedo Chiropractic & Associates for Quality Care

Whether you're looking for advice on the best type of chair to use at the office or you need someone to make adjustments to your spine, Escobedo Chiropractic & Associates is here to help the people of Columbia get exactly what they need. Contact us to schedule an apportionment today!


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  • "What pleased me most about Escobedo Chiropractic & Associates was the way the doctors and staff made me feel so good by showing that they really care. I just want to say thanks again for a wonderful job. I feel great thanks to all of you."
    Antoine E.

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